Vitiligo Maintenance Serum is the latest addition to our Vitiligo Products. The Vitiligo Maintenance Serum has been nearly two years in the making, and we at VitiligoTreatment are the manufacturers of this new and unique product.

Vitilox® Maintenance Serum is used once you have regained your pigmentation, and prevents the reoccurrence of the depigmentation process.

Normally once your pigmentation has returned, it remains complete, and in most cases no further action is required.

However, the Vitilox Maintenance Serum has been tried and tested in our lab and does tone the skin colour quickly, and enable the new pigmentation as well as the existing pigmentation to blend together to form a well toned skin colour.

We have also had patients that have regained their pigmentation, but do have stubborn white spots normally around the fingers and toes that are very difficult to pigmentate.

Using this unique product does help in pigmentation of these areas, and has also proved effective in other smaller areas that are hard to manage.

Another important factor that we would like to add, and basically the reason that we initially started looking for the ingredients that make up this product is that Vitiligo has been known to start in many patients due to a cut, burn, or other skin trauma.

We have many documented cases where a patient was burnt at a young age and the body or immune system ‘remembers’ this trauma. At the time of the initial incident, the burn or trauma is healed and normally takes on the appearance of a white scar.

However, in later years it is takes another incident where the skin is again traumatised for the bodies immune system to react again to this new skin tissue damage. In many cases the bodies immune system begins the depigmentation process around this skin or cell damage, and then begins the complete depigmentation of the body giving rise to the Vitiligo condition.

The Vitiligo Maintenance Serum is ideal in the prevention of this scenario taking place. It not only is great in treating any scar damage to the skin, but does prevent further de-pigmentation from taking place.

Application is easy, and as the ‘Serum’ is thick, very little is required for application.

Highly recommended!!


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Price: $45.00