The Vitiligotreatment UVB Lamp Eco is the economy version of the ‘UVB Lamp Pro’ lamp.

It functions the same as the ‘UVB Lamp Pro’, but does not have the added advantage of the visual  ‘Automatic Timer’ and ‘Auto Switch Off’ feature.

Due to the demand for a more affordable lamp, we have introduced the ‘Eco’ version. The user can use an electronic timer of their own to control the treatment time.


The UVB Lamp Eco is used with great success in both the Home and Professional clinics. At Vitiligo Treatment, we have the added advantage of offering you this remarkable product at the most competitive pricing.

Phototherapy is an established treatment option that typically provides positive results in at least 80% of the cases treated.

Home UVB phototherapy is suggested to patients who need long-term UVB as a maintenance treatment to eliminate most of the main inconveniences of phototherapy, like costs for each treatment session, frequent travel to the phototherapy centre, and lost time from school or work.

In general, phototherapy shows improvement in your Vitiligo, Eczema, Psoriasis, or other skin condition in just a few sessions, and, with a portable UVB lamp, you can treat your skin disorder in the convenience of your own home.

Contents include:

UVB Philips Lamp – 311 nm,
Removable Hair Comb,
UVB eye protection Goggles,
User Manual, with Derma Skin progression chart.
Universal power adapter works on both 110 Volt, and 220 Volt


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Price: $349.00

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