Vitilox® has been developed for effective repigmentation of your skin.

Note that this product is used only  for the treatment of Vitiligo. Vitilox has been described as the most effective cream available for the recovery of your natural skin colour. Note that there are no known side effects when using this cream as instructed, and being made from natural ingredients, it is 100% safe.

Easy to apply, and used in conjunction with a UVB narrow band lamp, Vitilox speeds up and maintains the repigmentation of your skin. In the majority of cases, most of the users obtain complete or substantial improvements within the first 3 months of use.

Note that if your condition is very mild, and your skin type light, Vitilox can be used without the use of the UVB lamp.

With Vitilox®, you are assured of a quality, tested, and proven product. The product is affordable, and readily available.


Vitilox is applied to the effected ‘white patches’ before the use of the UVB Lamp.  It helps to sooth the skin while the UVB Lamp is operating, and stimulate the production of melanocytes. These are the cells that produce the pigmentation for the skin. It also has the ‘formula’ required to control the proteins called cytokines that, in Vitiligo, alter their pigment-producing cells.

Application is easy, and only a small amount of cream is required per treatment.


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Price: $64.00